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The IFIS blog contains two kinds of entries:

a) reflections about recent IFIS Colloquium sessions 

b) considerations about big picture science.

The latter are a place for reflecting on the emergence of integrative varieties of meta-level science and how they can be practiced in research activities and inquiry settings of all kinds.
The notion of "integral" is used here to refer to all those meta-level knowledge traditions that have an integrative purpose.

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Latest Blog entries:


Seele – eine integrale Annäherung

Auch im Integralen ist die Annäherung an ein Thema oft rational bis mental. Mit dem Kolloquiumsabend zum Thema Seele wollte ich auf das subtil Spirituelle aufmerksam machen. Absicht war, gemeinsam einen Raum des forschenden Spürens und intuitiven Verstehens zu schaffen, um ganz subjektive Einsichten zu erkunden und im gemeinsamem Austausch ein kollektives Feld zu schaffen.

Zunächst gab es Impressionen zum Phänomen der Seele von einigen integralen Denkern und Wirkern:

5-Punkte Plan für einen integraleren Journalismus

Als Vorbereitung für ein Interview mit dem Institut für integrale Studien (demnächst auf YouTube) habe ich meine Gedanken strukturiert, was gute Ansätze für einen integraleren Journalismus sein könnten.

Ich benutze das Wort integral im weitesten Sinne mit der Bedeutung ganzheitlich. Oder, ausführlicher: Es geht mir um einen Journalismus, der viele (auch scheinbar widersprüchliche) Aspekte und Perspektiven berücksichtigt und sie anhand höherer Ordnungsprinzipien priorisiert.

Räume der Verbundenheit schaffen – integraler politischer Salon startet zum Thema „Einsamkeit“

Was ist integrale Politik? Und inwieweit ist Einsamkeit ein Thema, zu dem sich eine integrale Politik im öffentlichen Raum positionieren könnte oder sollte?

Um diese Fragen ging es beim ersten integralen politischen Salon im virtuellen DACH-Raum am 6.7.2021. Die Initiative hierzu war bei den Tagen der Zukunft 2021 entstanden. 13 integral-politisch Interessierte aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz nahmen am ersten Salontreffen teil.

Auf dem Weg zu einer integralen / transformativen Partei - Rezension

Soeben erschien Hanno Burmester und Clemens Holtmanns Buch „Liebeserklärung an eine Partei, die es nicht gibt(Auszug und Leseprobe hier). Es ist der Entwurf einer anderen, in meinen Worten (EF) integralen Gestalt von politischer Partei, der gleichsam incognito daherkommt.

Metathinking. The Art and Practice of Transformational Thinking

Bruno and I are most grateful to Elke Fein and IFIS for this opportunity to share details of our book “Metathinking” in IFIS' Online Colloquium n° 38.  We were hoping that we would get a warm reception and interest from the Integral community and we were not disappointed. It was wonderful for us to have such a numerous and receptive audience.

What makes conversations alive? Inspirations from IFIS' Online Colloquium n° 36

At the IFIS Colloquium on 11 November I presented an idea about the way we speak to each other about important decisions, complex issues or troubling situations. The idea is not mine, but comes from an architect, Christopher Alexander. As a designer of spaces where people live, visit and go about their lives, he observed. In part he observed himself, and in part he observed the spaces he visited.

IFIS Colloquium on Global Social Witnessing

I experienced the Colloquium as a safe and deep space of like-minded people willing to walk the extra mile when it comes to the boundaries of science. I really liked the warm welcome and professional facilitation. Even if it is only an online space, you can see and feel the community and practice and engage in a safe space.

To IFIS with love - our Colloquium on Sociopolitical Governance for the integral age

We feel fortunate and happy to have been invited to share our life’s work, and our passions, with the IFIS community. The Colloquium context and participants made it a safe space to share and be received. This was a natural and nourishing container which allowed us to be ourselves and for the group to explore what we offered. All in all, we were pleased with the kindness, generosity, and curiosity of the community and the flow of the evening and its process.  


Culture Transformation and Values based Leadership

Some reflective thoughts:

The Colloquium was very professionally handled with many curious and well-informed people who could both question and contribute.

My goal was to test out a new process on story-telling around personal values with a construct aware crowd, that I think would be hard in a regular audience. The experiment was successful and the more playful approach to development was appreciated.


Healing the masculine principle

Reflective statement about my input to the IFIS Online Colloquium

A) How did you experience our Colloquium, in general, and the way your presentation was handled there?

The colloquium was well prepared in close cooperation. So an inspiring agenda was created to achieve a good combination of information, reflexion, intuition and dialogue. 

B) Did you have specific goals, concerns or objectives connected to your presentation, and how has the Colloquium helped you to achieve those? 


My experience in the IFIS Colloquium on Metamodernism

The colloquium gathered a wide range of highly competent and engaged people. I was given plenty of time to explain my views and was asked clarifying and relevant questions by the participants. 

In the talk, we explored the six new forms of metamodern politics, and interesting comments and suggestions were offered by people in the group. 

As listeners, the colloquium participants were ideal, seeming to deeply engage with what was being said by others and myself.