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Online Colloquium

Launched in November 2016, held monthly as an interactive Zoom meeting, in English or German, depending on the topic/presenter.

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Main intention and format of our Colloquium:

The online colloquium aims to  connect integrally oriented and like-minded researchers and practitioners by offering them a forum to exchange experiences around innovative approaches to complex social challenges. It is designed to strengthen the dialog and connection between IFIS' members and friends, mostly spread out in different countries and even continents.
We invite new colleagues to join us and be part of IFIS’ community of integral research and inquiry. New presenters are always welcome.

In order to maintain a protected space, the recordings are not being published

Terms and conditions

IFIS practices a by donation (pay-what-feels-right) policy.
Recommended donation for a single Colloquium participation of non-members: 10-20 Euros.

Colloquium Flatrate: 50 Euros for one year.

Please use our donations button or simply make a transfer to our account. In the latter case, please let us know if you need a donation receipt.
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No participation fee is required from members.
We offer four m
embership options.

Privacy policy and quality processes:

While we do record our Colloquium sessions, we do not post them publicly on the web. This is a precondition for offering a safe space for all participants to show and speak up freely, including about personal matters. We invite all Colloquium participants to respect this space and privacy policy. They allow us to maintain a high quality of dialog and inquiry.

Summaries of and reflections about individual Colloquium sessions can be found on our blog.

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Note: All Colloquia are presented in the language in which they are/have been held.

Online Kolloquium Nr. 48: Erweiterte Homöopathie für freie Bewusstseinsprozesse

Date and time

(Datum unter Vorbehalt)

Wie kann ich mein Ganzheitsbewusstsein nutzen, um mich mit dem heilsamen Wesen der Materie zu verbinden?

In diesem Kolloquium geht es darum, den siebten Sinn zu entwickeln, zu erfahren und zu trainieren, um ihn für Bewusstseinsprozesse zur Selbstbefreiung aus anerzogenen oder mitgebrachten Mustern zu nutzen.