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Simon Anholt on the Good Country Index

As part of the LiFT Politics project, our member Indra Adnan (co-founder of The Alternative UK) is researching political pioneers on an international level. Here is a short version of her interview with Simon Anholt, the author of the "Good Country Index". His claim:

"We're two opposed tribes, globalists and localists? That's the most dangerous idea in the world."…

LiFT Case Book: Hosting Collaboratories: Insights and learnings from different cases

Editors: Iris Kunze, Elke Fein


This book tells the stories of different Collaboratories which our LiFT project team has designed and facilitated between 2014 and 2017. It thus illustrates some of our most important learnings about how the format can best be adapted to specific situations and the challenges posed by them.

Overview of contents:

All Resources & Materials produced by IFIS' LiFT 2.0 Project

The LiFT 2.0 project has conducted action research on its Collaboratory workshops from 2015-2017, systematically documenting them and summarizing their main learnings. The results of this work has been published online in four books and a course curriculum (LiFT’s“intellectual outputs”) on August 31, 2018. You can access all of these here:

1.  Foundations and Resources of Integral Leadership