IFIS aims to institutionalize, promote and cross-link integral research in Germany and Europe.

In doing so, it supports and deepens the emerging integral worldview and co-develops positions that are methodologically apt for addressing wholes appropriately and that are able to stand publicly in the face of other competing discourses.

Hyper-specialised research has produced an almost exponential knowledge explosion in the last decades resulting in many benefits while at the same time fuelling theoretical, personal and practical disconnection and one-sidedness. IFIS is focusing on counterbalancing this unprecedented evolution through:

  • boundary-crossing integrative research which is highly relevant for the unprecedented transformational challenges in society, nature and self.
  • contributions to existing fields, areas and disciplines by applying integral or likeminded approaches in terms of situating, criticising and reinterpreting the given domain-specific paradigms, theories, methods and results.
  • the development of value- and method-based approaches to the design, further development and mutual critique of integral or likeminded frameworks.
  • the development of scientifically acceptable methods for doing research in the subjective realm.
  • reviews of integral and likeminded research streams.
  • productive “inter-“ and “trans-integral” dialogues between different streams sharing multiple concerns with each other while maintaining their specifics.
  • non-dogmatic explorations of the links between scientific, artistic and spiritual traditions and disciplines.