The Institute for Integral Studies has full members, associate members and supporting members. 

Institutional membership is also possible.


Members as of 2020:

Full members: 9

Associate members: 9

Members of the advisory board: 12


Not all members are listed in the following overview.

Name Type of Membership
Adrian Wagner Full member
Angelika Pohnitzer Full member, Board member
Bernhard Possert Full member
Collin Bootsveld Full member
Denis Knubel Full member
Dr. Bettina Geiken Full member, Board member
Dr. Elke Fein Full member, Board member
Dr. Iris Kunze
Dr. Mark Edwards Associate member, Advisory board member
Dr. Markus Molz Full member
Indra Adnan Whitmore Associate member
PD Dr. Nikolaus von Stillfried Full member
PD Dr. Thomas Wallnig Associate member
Peter Winkels Associate member
Prof. Dr. Lisa Norton Advisory board member
Prof. Jennifer Gidley Advisory board member
Toni Charlotte Bünemann Associate member