School for integral politics

The School for  integral Politics comprises all education and practice formats of the CIP as well as activities in the area of integral politics. 

Formats and activities of the School for Integral Politics:

Integral Politics

Basic Training Integral Politics, next iterations here

  • 2-day introductory course "Basic Principles of Integral Politics" (part 1), first held  in cooperation with IP Schweiz in Winterthur, November 2023
  • 2-day introductory course "Basic Principles of Integral Politics" (part 2)


Collaboratory Facilitator Training


This training was developed as part of the Leadership for Transition Politics-Project and was first offered in Vienna in 2018.


Thematic Workshops, next iterations here

  • Introductory Workshop Integral Politics
  • Workshop IDGs and Integral Politics, first held  in cooperation with IDGs Hub Basel, March 2024
  • (other Workshop formats on request)


Integral Dialog formats, next iterations here

Round Table


Sociokratic Practice fields 

children circles

  • Sociocratic neighborhood and childrens parliaments

Sociocratic neighborhood parliaments/children's parliaments are a wonderful format for learning integral dialogue culture and decision-making from an early age.
On May 11, 2024, together with partners from India and Austria, we are offering an inspiration and information event on the topic of sociocratic children's and youth parliaments in Freiburg. More info and registration here.


This area is being updated (April 2024).