(Why) should we (not) negotiate with Putin‘s Russia?

On December 12, 2023, Dr. Elke Fein gave a lecture at the Dutch Center for Human Emergence's Salon.

Topic: (Why) should we (not) negotiate with Putin‘s Russia?

Elke presented her developmentally informed perspective on Russian politics and history based on 25 years of social and political science exploration.

The presentation is available online at:

IFIS at this year's Integral Europe Conference

Join us at this year’s global integral gathering, the Integral European Conference Online 2021 conference, an amazing 5-day online event. ​​​​​​​

* Date: May 19-23, 2021

* Featuring 100 programs

* Keynote speeches, presentations, experimental processes, global sharing circles, socializer events, art shows and more for an expected

1000 people from 55 countries.

How inner transitions matter in view of global transformations

A new article co-authored by IFIS board member Iris Kunze points out how inner transitions can be powerful leverage points for implementing systemic change:

Woiwode, Christoph, Niko Schäpke, Olivia Bina, Stella Veciana, Iris Kunze, Oliver Parodi, Petra Schweizer-Ries & Christine Wamsler (2021) Inner transformation to sustainability as a deep leverage point: fostering new avenues for change through dialogue and reflection. Sustainability Science DOI 10.1007/s11625-020-00882-y.