Integral Politics

HOT OFF THE PRESS: "Integral Politics" by Elke Fein & Co-authors

"Foundations, Principles and Inspirational Resources of Integral Politics" by IFIS' executive director Dr. Elke Fein and five co-authors (English edition) is now available (published on May 18, 2023).

The book will be published as volume 2 of our IFIS publication series "Integral Studies".

Auf dem Weg zu einer integralen / transformativen Partei - Rezension

Soeben erschien Hanno Burmester und Clemens Holtmanns Buch „Liebeserklärung an eine Partei, die es nicht gibt(Auszug und Leseprobe hier). Es ist der Entwurf einer anderen, in meinen Worten (EF) integralen Gestalt von politischer Partei, der gleichsam incognito daherkommt.

My experience in the IFIS Colloquium on Metamodernism

The colloquium gathered a wide range of highly competent and engaged people. I was given plenty of time to explain my views and was asked clarifying and relevant questions by the participants. 

In the talk, we explored the six new forms of metamodern politics, and interesting comments and suggestions were offered by people in the group. 

As listeners, the colloquium participants were ideal, seeming to deeply engage with what was being said by others and myself. 

Transforming a top-down political culture to one of dialog and inclusion

Editorial note:

Bernard Le Roux was the presenter in our Online Colloquium n° 20, in which he shared experience from his dialog and mediation work with Swedish municipalities. As a Kick-off question, Bernard invited participants to explore the following question:

How do we understand the resistance of powerful people to participation processes, and to an honest, open conversation that actually addresses the issue? 

Here is Bernard's reflection of the Colloquium: