Explorations of consciousness


I wish to thank everyone who attended the IFIS Online Colloquium on my concept of Metaphysics for listening and making valuable comments on what was my first presentation of a new “theory of everything” (TOE). Of course, since for practical reasons, the Online Colloquium is limited in time, so it had to be an appetizer for the curious.

Metaphysics is a discipline that has unlimited potential to create understanding of human life, emergence and the possibilities and limitations of the universe. Even when there is uncertainty about metaphysical concepts, they can give us very valuable insights that are difficult to obtain in our more everyday contexts. Sadly, Metaphysics has partly moved into the background of public attention after Kant, but that is now hopefully getting more and more attention again.

My TOE is based on extreme simplicity that can result from extreme complexity. One of the profound insights from my TOE is that intuitive dialogue, similar to that represented by the Online Colloquium, can be the most effective tool for raising consciousness.

In this respect, I very much appreciate IFIS's integrative approach that goes beyond usual research and really invites different hypotheses, theories, disciplines, perspectives and cultures. I hope that my TOE, along with those of others, will be discussed more deeply in this and similar contexts. Thanks again to IFIS for hosting the conversation!


Christer Nylander