Online Colloquium N° 54: Metaphysics

Datum und Uhrzeit
2 Stunden
Zoom conference

Christer Nylander


Why is metaphysics important? Because if we understand how the universe works, it's easier to understand ourselves and others, and how we can change the world. Isn't it arrogant to think that we can understand how the universe works? Maybe! But if we limit our imagination, we get stuck in old ways of thinking. The metaphysics presented is special in that it aims to be applicable to everything that happens in real life.

During the colloquium I will present three main concepts:
1) the Creator,
2) the Universe and
3) Consciousness.
This part will take less than 30 minutes. Then we will have 1.5 hours for Q&A and time to elaborate on how this metaphysics has practical applications in everyday life, and how we can more easily transform our society.

Christer Nylander

Christer Nylander is a dedicated writer of articles in newspapers focusing on the transformation of society. His main interest is in the field of wisdom and how this can be developed in the whole population. His writing covers wisdom development, global education system, genuine democracy, new food/energy/materials/production systems, and metaphysics. Christer Nylander is an economist and engineer living in Lund, Sweden. He has held positions in private, governmental and international companies and organizations, as well as in his own ventures.