LiFT Case Book: Hosting Collaboratories: Insights and learnings from different cases


Editors: Iris Kunze, Elke Fein


This book tells the stories of different Collaboratories which our LiFT project team has designed and facilitated between 2014 and 2017. It thus illustrates some of our most important learnings about how the format can best be adapted to specific situations and the challenges posed by them.

Overview of contents:

The chapters of the case book are provided separately for download:

0. Introduction and comparison of the cases
1.  LiFT Collaboratory Trondheim 2014
2. LiFT Collaboratory Vienna 2014
3. Collaboratory Rastatt 2016
4. LiFT Collaboratory Almedalen 2016
5. LiFT Collaboratory Trondheim 2016
6. LiFT Collaboratory Ecovillage Sieben Linden 2017
7. Mini-Collaboratory at an academic conference in Rotterdam 2017
8  LiFT Collaboratory Šibenik 2017
9. LiFT Collaboratory Summer School and Facilitator Training 2018

More Collaboratory case descriptions will follow!