Cohere+ (formerly Field Intelligence and Technology for Transformation, FITT)

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Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership FITT

Full title: Field Intelligence and Technology to uplevel the collective capacity of social change agents for transforming a metacrisis into a metamorphosis

Joint project with The Hague Center, Life Itself, Emerge, Ekskäret Foundation

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FITT is an action research project that has the following aims:

- to map the emerging ecosystem of holistic/integral/metamodern political innovations and make it visible to all actors inside and outside of the field

- to build a community of transformative socio-political actors committed to the vision of a new politics based on a holistic/integral/metamodern paradigm

- to develop learning journeys to enable broader groups to aquire the necessary skills and capacities for engaging in transformative innovation, including digital tools to facilitate learning and coherence building

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Project summary:

European citizens are experiencing multiple connected crises. We want to give every European person a way to learn and participate in generating a better world. This project will produce an innovative, collective learning model and supporting digital map and tools to connect the transnational movement of change agents and share their emerging knowledge at scale. It will open the door for millions of citizens to learn quickly and contribute meaningfully to a massive cultural transition.

FITT is going to implement the following activities :
1) map the social change field, identify learning opportunities and gaps
2) build field coherence with our project through online and in-person events
3) prototype an inclusive experience and supporting digital learning tool that guides people to take part in the community.
4) facilitate learning journeys to social change agents, professional leaders and everyday citizens.
5) share results and learning resources with influencers, politicians,leaders and citizens

FITT expects the following project results and other outcomes:
- Coherent identity emerges for social change field
- The field feels coherent as ‘people with shared purpose’, able to better synergise their impact
- The field is more visible and credible to mainstream
- People are supported and welcomed to the community, find where they can contribute and quickly learn how to contribute meaningfully to the collective.
- Simple, friendly digital tools support our global connections and knowledge



1. The Hague Center for global governance innovation and emergence (THC), NL,
2. Life Itself, France,
3. Emerge, Germany,
4. Ekskäret Foundation, Sweden,

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