Online Colloquium No. 36: The art of designing meaningful conversations

Date and time
2 Stunden

Bernard Le Roux, Dialogues Facilitation Gothenburg


The art of designing meaningful conversations - Exploring a pattern language for dialogue design

This Colloquium is held in cooperation with IFIS' Leadership for Transition (LiFT) Politics project where Bernard Le Roux is a partner. As part of his work for LiFT, Bernard is developing an online database focusing on the facilitation of good dialogues.

The tool focuses on designing dialogue rather than on facilitating them. This means preparing for and structuring a conversation in advance - something that can be done for one to one conversations, group dialogues or large scale dialogues on societal issues. While larger dialogues need to be facilitated, one to one or small group conversations may have no facilitator, but can benefit from thoughtful preparation and clear structure. 

One of the inspirations for this work is Christopher Alexander's Pattern Language (1977).

Bernard Le Roux

Bernard le Roux (* 1963), Mediator and Facilitator of complex social conflicts, has studied Commerce and Law at the universities of Stellenbosch and Cape Town. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in mediation and facilitation in different social fields. As a consultant and co-founder of Dialogues, a not for profit company, he supports local authorities, regions and public institutions in designing and facilitating dialogue as a way of meeting complex social challenges and conflicts. He trains people who want to learn more about facilitation and mediation, both in Sweden and abroad.