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Online Colloquium No. 31: Global Social Witnessing

Date and time
2 Stunden

Adrian Wagner, IFGIC

Adrian Wagner (1985) is currently working on his dissertation “Global Social Witnessing and Collective Trauma Integration – A case study of the Pocket Project”. He is engaged in organizing the Global Social Witnessing Conference.Lab 2020 at the University of Witten/Herdecke. In addition, he has founded Teal Wave Consulting as a leadership and transformation facilitator and is part of the emerging Black Forrest School of Metamodernism. He loves dancing tango, meditation and Martial Arts.


Global Social Witnessing as a metamodern practice for game changers

Through the (felt) acceleration of events like climate change, rise of ethnocentrism, the corona virus or trade wars, we experience an increase in (political) polarisation. The political game between traditional right and left, or progessives and conservatism is more and more leading into the grit lock of game acceptance or game denial. But how do we step out of this vicious circle of binary opposites and polarization? Is there a possibility to start to change the game in accordance with the global playing field? Based on emerging research around collective trauma integration, generative social field research, as well as neurobiology, we will examine the concept of global social witnessing as a metamodern practice for (global) game changers.

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