Online Colloquium No. 26: Post Sociopolitical Governance and Sociotechnologies for the Integral Age

Date and time
2 Stunden

Bret Warshawsky & Andrea Harding, Infinite World Game

Bret Warshawsky and Andrea Harding are a dynamic duo in love and cocreation. They are co-founding stewards of two interdependent projects called S7 Foundation and Infinite World Game. Both of these projects encapsulate all of their shared and individual passions and purpose from whole systems design and application to biomimicry, from Spiral Dynamics to Integral Theory, from socio-technologies to art and from socioeconomics to spirituality and beyond.


How can Holonic Organization and Fractal Governance be combined with Resonance Based Sensemaking, Synergistic Co-creation, Decentralized/Distributed/Synergistic Holarchical Sociotechnologies, Social Alchemy, Personal Empowerment and Collective Intelligence? And how can we weave all of these elements together into a unified and gamified whole systems platform that completely quantum shifts awareness and thus our choices, as a Planet? Bret & Andrea will share their journey towards co-creating a gamified system for “Infinite Reality Creation”, called the Infinite World Game Platform. The platform is conceived, designed and embodied from a whole systems and second tier inspiration and has been supported materially through crowdfunding and a gift paradigm. Based on the timeless wisdom of perennial philosophy, biomimicry, science, spirituality, modern internet technologies and many disciplines and fields of innovation, the infrastructure and architecture of Infinite World Game aims to serve an Integral Age that strives to transcend and include the best of what history has produced in order to realize a new civilization that is greater than the sum of its parts.