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Online Colloquium No. 23: Metamodern and integral politics (3)

Date and time
2 Stunden

Dr. Daniel Görtz, Metamoderna


Metamodern and integral politics (3)

Metamodernism is a) a cultural phase or current that some observers have claimed comes after postmodernism, b) a developmental stage in people’s thinking and values, and c) a philosophy and view of the world. Political metamodernism draws some conclusions from these three dimensions and attempts to present pathways ahead in terms of political projects. In relation to integralism, one could say that metamodernism tries to offer a secularized, politicized and somewhat updated version of integralism.


Daniel P. Görtz is a Swedish sociologist and "theory artist". He holds a PhD in sociology from the university of Lund, based on an ethnographic study of ethnicity's role in the Swedish police. Daniel currently lives and works as a writer who seeks to turn social theory into an art form. He is co-founder of the think-tank Metamoderna and one of the key influences of the Swedish political party The Initiative which started in Stockholm in 2017.