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Online Colloquium No. 22: Culture Transformation and Values based Leadership

Date and time
2 Stunden

Jan Artem Henriksson, SelfLeaders, Stockholm


Culture Transformation and Values based Leadership

Values are transpersonal needs and ideals, connecting us to the essence of our humanity. In times where individual self-expression for the benefit of the greater good becomes ever more necessary, we also need clear inner reference points from where to operate. SelfLeaders help organizations become more valuesdriven and create cultures of responsible self-leaders. The method is based on the latest science in adult development and motivational psychology. It is about action learning and integration in everyday work and life. "Values in Action" uses a smart web-app for maximum interaction and for mapping personal and shared organisational values. In addition to working with corporate organizations and managers, SelfLeaders provide courses and modules at several academic institutions including Harvard University, Stockholm School of Economics, Royal Institute of Technology, and make the digital tools available for free to non-profits, NGOs and schools. Participants of the Colloqium will be offered a possibility to do a free values mapping (12-15 min reflection) before the session.


Jan Artem is one of the co-founders of SelfLeaders, a Nordic leadership development firm. Since 2009, Jan leads the development of the SelfLeaders’ integral methodology, based on the latest science in adult development and motivational psychology. The method has been used in more than 300 companies worldwide and by more than 35 000 leaders and employees in total since the app was released in late 2016. The most important personal values for Jan are: Presence, Integration and Authenticity.