Online Colloquium n° 69: Trauma & Politics - a metamodern perspective

Date and time
2 Stunden
Zoom conference

Adrian Wagner


How is sensemaking linked to the challenges of our time, and what do we understand when we speak about collective trauma? Drawing on complexity science and metamodern thought, we explore the topic of collective trauma based on a pilot research project with 350 citizens from Germany. For more info about the project conducted in 2022, see the full report here. In a time with heated conflicts around identities and growing polarization we explore possible pathways forward.


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Adrian Wagner is a full member of IFIS, co-founder of Teal Wave Consulting and currently preparing his PhD thesis on trauma and democratic culture. Here is his self-description:

"I am moved by the possibility to dance between complex thinking and percise emotional attunment to hold a space for collective blindspots. As action researcher at the European School of Governance I am co-creating new forms of governance and evaluation. I have worked as transformational facilitator and project manager for organizations such as the German Embassy of Turkey, Foreign Ministry of Germany, Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele, European Commission, CYNEFIN, Pocket Project and Mehr Demokratie. Lately, I published a first research report on Trauma and Democracy combining the work of Dave Snowden and Thomas Hübl to find new pathways to integrate collective trauma."