Online Colloquium n° 63: Ecosystem Intentions

Date and time
2 Stunden
Zoom conference

Pieter Wackers, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Alicia Stammer, 
The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence


Everything is energy.

Whether it’s a person, a forest, an organization, or even a whole continent: everything has an energy field. It is possible to perceive that energy field, to interpret it, and even to improve it.
One way to do that is with ECOintention: a method for bringing healthy energy and flow into organizations and ecosystems. With ECOintention you can map the energy of systems on the basis of various energetic parameters that measure vitality, self-organizing capacity, inspiration, and the potential to realize ideas, as well as energetic stress and blockages.

ECOintention combines modern scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom to create a practically applicable method.

In this colloquium we will discuss the principles of energy management, we will give practical examples of projects that have been ‘balanced’ with the ECOintention method, and give an experience of what it’s like to perceive (life) energy at a distance.


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Anne-Marie Voorhoeve

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is a strategist, social alchemist, social architect, cocreator and expert
in facilitating Mesh-working in service of an integral transformation of society into a sustainable world. She is the co-founder of The Hague Center for Global Governance and has international experience with communities, businesses, networks, organizations, technology providers, politicians and NGOs. Anne-Marie is also the chief creative director for the Club of Budapest (COB) and president of COB Netherlands. She is a core team member of Integral City Meshworks Ltd and a certified expert in Spiral Dynamics, Art of Hosting and SQ21 spiritual intelligence.

pieter wackers

Pieter Wackers is a filmmaker, visual artist, urban social designer and and Eco-Intention practicioner. Trained as a visual artist focusing on public space, Pieter likes to work where art, design, and urbanism meet. One of his main interests is the future of cities, or the cities of the future. With team Innergy he won the architecture competition ‘Energetic City 2050’ with a design for the city of Arnhem in the year 2050. Currently, Pieter is a member of the core teams of WeWorldwide and Integral City, as well as a member of the international Projects Office of the Club of Budapest.

Alicia Stammer

Alicia Stammer is an energy healer, artist, and an Organization Development professional with 20 years of experience in the field Change Leadership. She supports leaders in using creativity, intuition, and collective intelligence to ignite the latent potential in themselves, their teams, and their organization. She has also led community organizations interested in Integral Theory and pioneered the early explorations of WeSpace, an intersubjective practice to access the collective consciousness of a group or organization. Her consulting practice blends tried and true approaches for organization development with alternative ways of knowing (such as the theories of emergence, working with morphogenetic fields, group meditation, subtle energy, and sacred geometry) in order to best inform and support the health and growth of human systems.