Online Colloquium N° 50: Coherence - meta-mapping a new paradigm quality

Date and time
2 Stunden
Zoom Conference

Dr. Bettina Geiken, IFIS


Coherence - meta-mapping a new paradigm quality 

Coherence matters: the term coherence keeps appearing in many different contexts, areas of knowledge and socio-political topics. At the same time, the felt sense of coherence seems to be something everyone is able to perceive and also act on.
While my natural scientist’s soul likes to get data, definitions, overview and meta-maps, the integral practitioner is interested in sensing and understanding the inner workings of the complexity of life.
The colloquium therefore proposes my work in progress on that topic. It will look at the many angles from which coherence can be viewed, and invites participants into an interactive journey to create, collect and explore unexpected questions.
As the research on the new paradigm of politics within the EU-Project LIFT Politics seems to point to coherence as an important quality, the last part of the Colloquium provides a space to make sense of coherence in the social and political field.

Preparatory Reading: 

Complexity, a mostly unexplored opportunity,…

Dr. Bettina Geiken

My journey started with a Ph.D. in natural sciences, then I moved into EU-project design in international development for many years focusing on strategies for sustainable urban development and intercultural/institutional capacity building. Extensive awareness training around inner change alongside the project work with culturally highly diverse stakeholders led almost naturally to my current focus in adult development, complex-adaptive systems, and sensemaking.

My strengths lie in picking up subtle signals in a system, sensing possible blind spots, trends as well as detecting resonating players from different fields. I thoroughly enjoy connecting co-creators and using, as the Tao describes it, “the creating factor of absence” to find the “creative gaps” wherever they might be needed. Understanding how to navigate complexity from the inside out bears so many unexplored opportunities.

Bettina is a full member of IFIS and a member of the board. She is currently co-coordinating IFIS's LiFT Politics project.