Online Colloquium N° 46: Public sector and adult development models

Date and time
2 Stunden

Angelika Pohnitzer, Foturis


Public sector and adult development models: can AD mainstreaming contribute to urban resilience?

Recent joint announcements by the mayors of the European region reflect the intricate relationship between human, social and urban development. They speak about the link between individual and collective resilience, and the close connection between people, place and planet. At the same time, knowledge of adult development frameworks and how a better understanding of them might contribute to resilience is still limited in public policy circles.

In her Master’s thesis, Angelika explored the opportunities, which the ongoing research into and evolving practice related to adult development models could bring to the public sector, specifically in the area of urban resilience. For this purpose, she drew on recent inquiries into multiresilience, public leadership and mindfulness, using social cohesion as an example of how increased contextual awareness of citizens’ needs can benefit prevention, resistance and learning in the face of crises. Her work focuses on political and civil service leaders, but also takes into account the importance of other types of public leaders, and civil servants directly or indirectly communicating with citizens.

During the Colloqium, Angelika will share her findings on the internal transformation needed for better responding to increased diversity and volatility, both on individual and collective level. She is looking forward to discussing her conclusions, including concrete recommendations for public leaders and human resources professionals, researchers and consultants.

Angelika Pohnitzer

Angelika has a background in psychology and sociology and has been fascinated with adult development frameworks for some time. She now uses them in her work as an organizational advisor, leadership trainer and coach. Her recently completed Masters in Integrated Risk Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna offered her the opportunity to explore the significance of adult development frameworks for the public sector as part of her thesis on Urban Resilience and Social Cohesion.

Due to her involvement in local community events and trainings in the area of happiness (based on material by Action for Happiness), she is engaged with district authorities at the local level. She also worked on supporting public policy at a global level ever since her post-grad diploma at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna. Since early 2020, she is supporting the World Happiness Foundation, which allows her to link her passion for management systems with her passion for promoting happiness - defined by freedom, consciousness and joy - as an essential part of human development. 

You can learn more about her services on her website. She is looking forward to connecting on LinkedIn.