Online Colloqium n° 64: The magic of integral politics

Date and time
2,5 Stunden
Zoom Conference

Dr. Elke Fein, IFIS



Integral politics is like doing magic. The integral paradigm of doing politics is so much deeper, wider and longer that from the point of view of current politics as usual, experiencing integral politics can be quite mind-blowing.

In this Colloquium, Elke Fein will present the essentials of her edited and co-authored book on the "Foundations, Principles and Inspirational Resources of Integral Politics" (2023), summarized in the form of "10 principles for changing the world".

The book makes the point for a paradigm shift in politics based on an integral consciousness. Why?
Politics as we know it is outdated. It lacks the tools, the operating system and the vision to address the challenges humanity is facing at the necessary speed and with the right priorities today. It seems that its very “operating system”, consisting of core assumptions about the world, motivational drivers, typical behaviors and instruments for decision-making and problem-solving as they have evolved from the early days of European parliamentarism, is no longer fit for purpose. While global mega-challenges call for cross-cutting cooperation and collective intelligence, our party systems continue to reward silo thinking, zero-sum competition and short-time, linear planning. So if politics as usual is outdated, what’s the alternative?

In view of reinventing politics by upgrading its operating system towards “integral”, Elke's and her colleagues' recently published book presents the most important inspirational thinkers that have started to identify and describe the essence and implications of integral consciousness over the last hundred years. This presentation harvests the core insights and learnings proposed by some of the most important thought leaders and approaches, from Sri Aurobindo to Ken Wilber until Quantum Social Science. It spells out 10 core principles of an integral paradigm of understanding – and doing politics. Mapping out its added value as compared to the politics we know is a powerful invitation to rediscover our own agency and to actively engage in putting integral politics into practice.


Dr. Elke Fein is a co-founder and managing director of the Institute for integral Studies (IFIS). She is a social and political scientist and holds a PhD in Russian Studies from the University of Bremen (Germany). She has initiated the Leadership for Transition (LiFT) project (2013-2022) and is the main author of "Foundations, Principles and Inspirational Resources of Integral Politics" published in 2023 as one of LiFT's products.…

Elke Fein