European Integral Political Saloon - Kick-Off

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The European Integral Political Saloon is a format for inviting a transnational conversation about new, more holistic ways of doing politics, and for transforming our existing political systems towards a new paradigm/integral operating system.

The Saloon is conceived as a joyful, interactive and explorative gathering, with both inspirational input from experts and practitioners in the field, as well as space for dialog, sharing and exchange about the implications of a holistic/integral paradigm in the realm of politics. We hope that it will also facilitate co-creative, emergent processes of tapping into a deeper transnational, transrational collective intelligence and wisdom, in service of the larger common good.


Topic in focus:
Innovative political parties - trying out new ways of doing politics inside our currently existing political systems

Guests/inspirational speakers:
Silvia Panini & Gianluca Guerra, VOLT Italy

Gianluca  Silvia

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