European Integral Political Salon n° 4

Zoom Conference


The European Integral Political Salon (EIPS) is a format for inviting a transnational conversation about new, more holistic ways of doing politics, and for transforming our existing political systems towards a new paradigm/integral operating system.

The Salon is conceived as a joyful, interactive and explorative gathering, with both inspirational input from experts and practitioners in the field, as well as space for dialog, sharing and exchange about the implications of a holistic/integral paradigm in the realm of politics. We hope that it will also facilitate co-creative, emergent processes of tapping into a deeper transnational, transrational collective intelligence and wisdom, in service of the larger common good.

Read a report about our EIPS n° 1 here.


Topic of this salon (June 29, 2023):

As a tribute to recent political developments in Ukraine, we have decided use the next salon to make space for the increasingly urgent question around how an integrally and developmentally informed approach to politics might respond to the increasing tensions in global politics in more adequate ways.

Together with a few invited guests and you, the participants, we would like to engage in an Estuarine mapping session to explore the constraints and possibilities of making small but powerful changes in the ways in which we organize internatonal cooperation in Europe and globally. 

Mini-keynotes by:


Denis Knubel (political scientist, IFIS, Switzerland)
Anastasia Nekrasova (integral coach, strategy consultant, trainer, facilitator and a learning designer, Sweden)
Auke van Nimwegen (co-founder of Value Match, Spiral Dynamics integral practitioner, The Netherlands)
Kateryna Yasko (integral coach and consultant, Kiev), not confirmed


More info about Estuarine mapping:

- Estuarine Mapping first edition
- Managing complexity (and chaos) in times of crisis. A field guide for decision makers inspired by the Cynefin framework:


Preparatory readings and videos on the topic:
Valerij Pekkar: The Blind Spot of the West
Auke van Nimwegen: Values Development in Europe in the Context of the Invasion of Ukraine
Elke Fein: Putin as a Political Leader viewed through an integral lens


The salon will be held digitally over zoom, here is the Zoom link:

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Outlook on upcoming salons: Topic in focus in 2023:
Innovative political parties - trying out new ways of doing politics inside our currently existing political systems.

So far, we have heard from VOLT Europe, Integral Politics Switzerland, and the Politics Repair Party (Austria).

For our upcoming salons, we have invited members of Alternativet (The Alternative), Denmark, (for later) the Alternative UK (being a platform and movement, not a party) and of the Britain Potential, UK, to share their experiences.

ADK  Elbaek


Alternative UK


Britain Potential