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The patronage/matronage is made up of prominent persons in society who can subscribe to and support the basic contents of the BNC Manifesto and thus obtain membership in the BNC. The matronage/patronage members have no special duties - they are also exempt from the annual BNC membership fee -, other than to act as beacons in society by means of their past and present activities. We describe them as “beacons in society” because they provide our society with orientation. Their matronage/patronage is thus a form of focused luminous intensity which gives the BNC more weight in the public arena.

The BNC was successful in obtaining Professor Gerald Hüther, neurologist and author living in Göttingen, as its first patronage member.

Gardi Hutter, Swiss artist, clown and actress, has entered as the second member of the BNC matronage.

Professor Dominique Bourg, a philosopher specializing in global ecology and circular economy, honorary professor at the University of Lausanne, has become the fourth member of the BNC's patronage, the first in the French-speaking world.

Are you a publicly known personality and would like to support the BNC within the matronage/patronage? Please contact us.


Interview with Prof. G. Hüther im Kontext vom 12. Juli (german)

Video with Prof. G. Hüther about Children in the Corona-times (german)

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