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Given the world situation, the BNC-Manifesto suggests to change the present course of human development. You find here a sketch of a culture for a future worth living, a global society project. We hope that you will take part in it and maybe help to shape this project. As a member of BNC you consciously support and carry forth this vision!

It is our concern to refine the Manifesto. Therefore we invite you to deposit your critical thoughts and points in our blog

Manifesto brief

The BNC Manifesto has its starting point in the present situation for the human race. This situation will in all probability come to a critical head in the coming decades worldwide. The BNC Manifesto therefore proposes a new orientation for the cultural, social and economic development of the human race. It clarifies how an increase in zest for life and creative energy among the world’s people is definitely compatible with a decrease in material consumption and lower CO2  emissions.

The Manifesto is very concrete about this: The four articles fundamental to the Manifesto should be adopted in the constitutions of as many nations as possible so as to establish democratically a change in direction for the future development of those nations. In this regard, the Manifesto additionally features a political strategy.

The Manifesto is based on a new conception of the human being and humanity.  Our zest for life and creative enthusiasm are dependent on our being able to satisfy the following basic human needs:

  1. PHYSICAL AND MATERIAL NEEDS such as healthy nutrition, clean air and water, sufficient sleep, clothing and shelter.
  2. EMOTIONAL NEEDS such as esteem, affection, caring and safety in the community in addition to liberty, justice and preservation of personal dignity. Satisfying these needs makes it possible to tap the potential inherent in the individual and in society.

  3. SPIRITUAL NEEDS such as the joy of discovery, knowledge- and skill-acquisition, experiencing the unity of mind, heart and body as well as that of thought, emotion and action.

  4. MENTAL-SPIRITUAL NEEDS such as orientation, meaning and contentment in life, the search for connectedness and integration in the universe according to its origin and order.

Basic physical and material needs are closely tied to material prerequisites. All the other needs describe what comprises our inner wealth as human beings. Put in simpler terms: Three-fourths of basic human needs are not of material nature. The BNK therefore proposes to orient the concept of «growth» toward this inner wealth. For, an increase in zest for life, creativity, and joy in giving form to our ideas demands neither material wealth nor an excessive use of natural resources. Far more important is satisfying these basic immaterial needs.

Based on the fundamental values of liberty, social justice and ecological sustainability, the Manifesto proposes to strengthen these values in the world’s societies. To this we can add equal rights for all people, democracy, individual responsibility and rule of law.

By means of this new cultural orientation it will be possible for the human race to make peace with nature: Reducing our material demands on nature to a sustainable amount and leading our lives in harmony with nature. In addition, a decisive reduction in inequality in the distribution of property and wealth as well as an increase in inner wealth will make a significant contribution to greater peace among the peoples of the world.

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