My experience in the IFIS Colloquium on Metamodernism

Dr. Daniel Görtz

The colloquium gathered a wide range of highly competent and engaged people. I was given plenty of time to explain my views and was asked clarifying and relevant questions by the participants. 

In the talk, we explored the six new forms of metamodern politics, and interesting comments and suggestions were offered by people in the group. 

As listeners, the colloquium participants were ideal, seeming to deeply engage with what was being said by others and myself. 

Elke organized the event smoothly and professionally, with a friendly touch, and this allowed for flexibility when I spoke too long and the schedule had to be changed.

On the whole, I think the colloquium offers a unique platform for exploring integral-etc. ideas, and I have rarely experienced a better place to share and learn from other members of the wider community.