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Online Colloquium No. 21: Healing the masculine principle?

Date and time
2 Stunden

Prof. Dr. Barbara von Meibom, Communio-Institut für Führungskunst (Berlin)



Healing the masculine principle?

After years of focalizing on the female gender and the healing of the feminine principle, I got the impression that it is time to enlarge our focus and put more attention on the male gender and the masculine principle. To me, it is time to acknowledge the misuse of the masculine and to better understand the difference between its shadow and its helpful side. As the feminine and the masculine principle exists both within men and women, this challenge refers to both sexes. The following questions deserve attention: Could it be, that both sexes have to develop a clearer notion of their masculine and their feminine power, of its use, misuse and abuse? Do we need a clearer idea of the essence of the masculine and the feminine? Could it be that In order to come to a servant leadership, we need to achieve a good balance between these principles – inside and outside? And could it be that healing the masculine needs our prior attention now? The colloquium will avoid a predominantly scientific character. It is enriched by the experience of the presenter in psychology, psychotherapy, coaching, training and constellation work. It invites to share experiences and visions and aims at coming to a more comprehensive look at the issue at stake.



Barbara v. Meibom (* 1947) has studied Political Science, History and Sociology at the universities of Munich, Göttingen, Konstanz and Hamburg. In 1986 she earned her Habilitation (Dr. phil habil.) at the university of Hamburg. She is holder of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy ECP and has been director of the managing board of the German Association of Psychosynthesis for many years. She is the founder and leader of Communio Institute for the Art of Leadership in Berlin. She has been working with individuals and organization on the art of leadership more than two decades. Since ten years she leads a 3years training on Spiritual Coaching. She is author of more than a dozen books and gives talks at home and abroad. In 2016 and 2018 she has cohosted the IEC-Integral European Conference in Hungary, together with Bence Ganti.