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Online Colloquium n° 69: Trauma & Politics - a metamodern perspective

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How is sensemaking linked to the challenges of our time, and what do we understand when we speak about collective trauma? Drawing on complexity science and metamodern thought, we explore the topic of collective trauma based on a pilot research project with 350 citizens from Germany. For more info about the project conducted in 2022, see the full report here. In a time with heated conflicts around identities and growing polarization we explore possible pathways forward.

Online Colloquium Nr. 68: Integral political philosophy - Understanding the current crisis of legitimacy in liberal democracies

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This Colloquium is about understanding the current crisis of legitimacy in liberal democracies. Jim Cowan and Tom Meek are offering considerations on this based on their current book project about an integral political philosophy, as well as their understanding of politics in the UK.

Online Colloquium n° 65: Indigeneity and Development: Are we missing something?

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This colloquium will be a discussion of the relationship between Indigenous and integrative studies. Some topics to be covered include indigeneity and stage theory, indigeneity and sustainability, Indigeneity and the European Enlightenment. These topics present Indigenous world views as an important source of challenge to may contemporary Big Picture approaches including metamodern, integral, capitalist and Marxist views.  

Online Colloquium n° 61: Creating Common Ground

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We live in a polarized and fragmented world. Our democratic traditions are threatened by tribalism and intergroup conflict. Politics and the media foster division and moral outrage.  We can and must do better. Creating Common Ground (CCG) helps people learn to bridge divides on interpersonal, social, and political problems.