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Willkommen beim Institut für integrale Studien (IFIS)!


Soziokratie Modul 1 - Grundlagen der SKM + effektive Meetings

Wir freuen uns sehr, Ende Januar in Freiburg das Modul 1 der Soziokratie-Ausbildung anbieten zu können!

Termin: 28./29.1.2022

Referentin: Anja Sagara Ritter, zertifizierte Soziokratie-Expertin

Ort: Talstr. 29, 79102 Freiburg

Mehr Infos zum Inhalt und Anmeldung:


LiFT Politics project experiments with SenseMaker tools to enliven the Conference on the Future of Europe

In the context of our Leadership for Transition (LiFT) Politics project, we are happy to intensify our cooperation with Citizens Take Over Europe (CTOE) and the Cynefin Center as part of our exploration of how novel integral tools can deepen democracy and decision-making.

IFIS Website updated 2020

A good ten years after the institute was founded, IFIS' website presents itself in a new look, now compatible for mobile devices, with an updated structure and design... and hopefully a new dynamic! We hope you enjoy surfing our i-web.