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Pioneers of Politics - Pioneering innovations around integral politics 

Together with its EU funded Leadership for Transition (LiFT) Politics project, the Institute for integral Studies (IFIS) has opened a Youtube channel focusing on integral politics in July 2020. Since then we are building up the series „Pioneers of Politics“ there.

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Pioneers of Politics is inspired by the Austrian Pioneers of Change (PoC) summits. The PoC are associated partners of the LiFT Politics project.

Pioneers of Politics (POP) opens up a new focus: onto pioneers of an integral oder integrally informed politics.

Pioneers of Politics has three main goals:

  1. Pioneers of Politics presents people, projects and initiatives, working towards bringing the integral vision into real life in the area of politics.
  2. Pioneers of Politics shows what we can learn from the experiences of these pioneers for other contexts.
  3. Pioneers of Politics wants to inspire listeners to set out on their own and help to build a (more) integral politics..



Videos produced so far*:

* Note that the first interviews have been conducted with German speaking pioneers (in German language). However, together with our international partners in the LiFT project, we are planning to add English language interviews in the near future. 

Interview with Claudia Döring (political art in the public space)

Interview with Roman Huber (Mehr Demokratie)

Interview with Roland Jaritz (GILT, Verantwortung Erde)

Interview with Dr. Pia Härtinger (City counselor Augsburg and Sociocracy Practicioner)

Interview with Prof. Traugott Elsässer (Founding member, IP Switzerland)

Inter-integral Online Collaboratory on the Corona crisis

Interview with Gil Ducommun (Initiator and founding member, IP Switzerland)