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We are proud and happy to invite you to our first

Pioneers of Politics Mini Summit 

from February 27-March 5, 2022

With this Mini Summit, we are launching our Pioneers of Politics international Youtube Channel.

The channel is part of our current Leadership for Transition (LiFT) Politics project and its sub-project presenting Portraits of Pioneers of a new, more integral politics.

Inspired by our associate partner, the Austrian Pioneers of Change, a German language Pioneers of Politics channel has already been running since July 2020, publishing new videos (mostly interviews with pioneers of a new, more integral politics) roughly every month.

We are now expanding this work with an international playlist to present - and inspire pioneers of a new, more holistic, integral politics on a European and global level.


What can you expect during the

Pioneers of Politics Mini Summit?

For one week, we will launch a new video every day, starting at 20h CET.

During these video premieres, you have the opportunity to connect with the LiFT team, interviewers and interviewees, via the Live Chat function (to access the chat, please log in to your Youtube account!).

LiFT team


Here is an overview of the

Pioneers of Politics Mini Summit:


Day 1: Sunday, February 27, 20h CET:

Introduction to the LiFT project, the team, and the Youtube Channel

Short summary:

Politics as we know it seems to lack the tools, the operating system and the vision to address the global challenges humanity is facing at the necessary speed and with the right priorities today. So if politics as usual is outdated, what’s the alternative? Introduced by project coordinator Dr. Elke Fein, this video gives an overview of LiFT Politics’ activities and short conversations with all team members.


Day 2: Monday, February 28, 20h CET:

Mapping an Emerging Ecosystem of Integral Politics

Dr. Elke Fein

Short summary:

In this video, LiFT Politics project leader Dr. Elke Fein gives an overview of LiFT’s action research. The video is part of the recording of Elke’s workshop "Mapping an Emerging Ecosystem of Integral Politics" offered at the Integral Europe Conference (IEC) 2021.


Day 3: Tuesday, March 1, 20h CET:

Socio-politics for the Era of Fractal Emergence

Indra Adnan

Short summary:

In this conversation between two LiFT Politics members, Prof. Karen O'Brien (University of Oslo) is interviewing Indra Adnan, co-founder of The Alternative UK, about her work around building Citizens Action Network (CANs) and her book “The Politics of Waking Up”.


Day 4: Wednesday, March 2, 20h CET:

Transformative political education

Michael Wernstedt

Short summary:

In this conversation, LiFT Politics partner Michael Wernstedt (SelfLeaders, Raoul Wallenberg Academy and Inner Development Goals, Stockholm) explains his vision of a new kind of political education that is anchored in today’s socio-political challenges.


Day 5: Thursday, March 3, 20h CET:

Deep Dialog uncovering a system’s dysfunctions

Bernard Le Roux

Short summary:

In this video, Indra Adnan speaks with LiFT Politics partner Bernard Le Roux (Dialogues, Gothenburg) about his work in the area of deep dialogue and socio-political conflict transformation. In his work for LiFT Politics, Bernard uses Christopher Alexander’s Pattern Language for exploring what makes democracy alive.


Day 6: Friday, March 4, 20h CET:

Quantum Social Science: How Fractal Politics Matters

Prof. Dr. Karen O'Brien

Short summary:

In this conversation, LiFT Politics members Indra Adnan and Prof. Karen O'Brien (University of Oslo) switch turns: Indra interviews Karen about her groundbreaking research into Quantum Social Science and the inner dimensions of climate change, as well as on her recent book “You Matter More Than You Think”.


Day 7: Saturday, March 5, 20h CET:

Hosting resilient commons: co-creating life, work and politics in Europe

Alice Priori  Maria Scordialos

Short summary:

In this video, LiFT Politics coordinator Elke Fein speaks with Alice Priori & Maria Scordialos from CitizensLab (Berlin) about their work on bridging the gap between local change makers and the political bubbles of Brussels and elsewhere.


After this summit, all videos will be available on our Pioneers of Politics international Youtube Channel.

More videos with inspiring pioneers from beyond the LiFT Politics project will be posted subsequently.

Note that the

Pioneers of Politics Mini Summit

is presenting work in progress. The LiFT Politics project will deliver the main part of its work in the summer of 2022. We will keep you posted about any updates.

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We hope to see you at the summit and look forward to your feedback and comments!

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