Das Lied zum Wandel (Schweizerdeutsch) - Song for transformation (Swiss German)

Das Lied zum Wandel (Schweizerdeutsch) - Song for transformation (Swiss German):


Version with English subtitles for our English-speaking friends in the world / Original version: https://youtu.be/9qr4TfUYXQo​ Version with subtitles in High German: https://youtu.be/8OL9Z97sJXM​ Song in Swiss/Bernese dialect by Karin Jana Beck und Matthias Gerber - vision song for the time of turning 2020/2021

In this song our “deep dream”, our concern for the future and our “ideal vision” stand side by side. The song invites us to reflect on the question "Where do I want to go personally - and socially as a global citizen?" An open social discourse about how we want to co-create our world seems urgent and necessary to us, in order not to end up unintentionally in a "new normality" developed by powerful people and pushed forward with pressure.

Link to the original songtext: https://tschatscho.ch/wo-wei-mer-hi

Authors of the songtext: Karin Jana Beck & Matthias Gerber,

Musik Duenda, https://tschatscho.ch/​, https://tschatscho.ch/lieder

Music: Karin Jana Beck Singing, instruments and arrangement: Karin Jana Beck (singing, accordeon, Overtone-singing) & Matthias Gerber (singing, violin)

Photo of the singers: https://tschatscho.ch/customer/files/...