To IFIS with love - our Colloquium on Sociopolitical Governance for the integral age

Bret Warshawsky & Andrea Harding

We feel fortunate and happy to have been invited to share our life’s work, and our passions, with the IFIS community. The Colloquium context and participants made it a safe space to share and be received. This was a natural and nourishing container which allowed us to be ourselves and for the group to explore what we offered. All in all, we were pleased with the kindness, generosity, and curiosity of the community and the flow of the evening and its process.  

Our chief concern in presenting was to receive honest and supportive feedback as a community of practice. We wanted to be clear that our work is highly emergent, novel and complex, with many dimensions and many parts that compose the whole. In this, our goal was to share more about the ‘why’ then too much about the ‘what’, and to share information about where we are coming from energetically and foundationally more than providing an elevator pitch or refined story that we’ve rehearsed and played out time and time again.  The Colloquium fully supported this way of working, creating the right atmosphere to share from an honest and emergent place and then, through co-creation with the participants, evolve our understanding and awareness.  We felt this was beneficial for us and the other participants.

We also found that the Colloquium’s participants were naturally versed in integral concepts and language, providing an interface that we could communicate through.  This interface created a resonance and way to translate ideas in the absence of us having our own immediate and familiar language for our work.  We were grateful for the participants and presenters being in this state of awareness, creating space for an informed dialogue even though some of the ideas we were talking about were so radically novel and usually require time to assimilate.

In terms of future discussions, we certainly would find it useful to talk about the relationship between the emergence of the ‘second tier’ and the role of new language in this scenario.  This was a topic in our discussion and also comes up frequently in other forums.

We are deeply grateful to the IFIS for hosting the event and inviting us to share our visions with such an open-hearted and curious community in a co-creative, yet intimate space.