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Online Colloquium No. 3: Generalized Quantum Theory

Datum und Uhrzeit
2 Stunden

Prof. Dr. Harald Walach

Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder


Are Generalised Non-Local Correlations Real? Trials and Tribulations of Testing Predictions of a Theoretical Model

Based on Atmanspacher, Römer, & Walach’s “Generalized quantum theory (GQT)” (2002), this presentation describes the so-called correlation-matrix experiment, which analyzes entanglement phenomena similar to those known from quantum theory, occurring in other fields. GQT takes serious the findings of quantum physics and looks at its implications for explaining a wide variety of puzzling phenomena, as well as for scientific inquiry in general. For a more detailed description see page 2.


Harald Walach (* 1957) is a psychologist and philosopher and professor for complementary medicine at the Europa University Viadrina at Frankfurt/Oder. He has a deep interest in exploring the workings of “healing”, as well as the relation between external, positivist scientific and individual, inner experience and exploration. Together with physicist Hartmann Römer and psychologist Harald Atmanspacher, he has developed the Generalized (Weak) Quantum Theory, a theory of wholes which gives a systematic theoretical place to non-local processes.