Emergent Power: Key Challenges and Capacities for integral Change Agents

Our Cohere+ project, an an educational field-building project part-funded by the European Union, has published its first public report:

Emergent Power: Key Challenges and Capacities for Change Agents of a Second Renaissance 

Except from the executive summary:

In response to global crises, a growing number of individuals and organisations are questioning dominant systems, worldviews, and practices – and developing alternative ways of living and working. We refer to this as an “emerging ecosystem”: it still does not have a clear name or identity. Some of the terms with which this ecosystem might be associated include: “Metamodern”, “Polycrisis”, “Metacrisis”, “Regenerative”, “Great Turning”, “Integral”, “Holistic”, and “Second Renaissance”. In previous work, we have begun to identify some of its key characteristics. In particular, there seems to be a novel approach towards social change that is simultaneously “paradigmatic”, “integrated”, and “pragmatic”. [1]

A key question for our research is: what is needed to support this emerging ecosystem to become a system with real power and influence? We take as a starting point that this ecosystem contains and is developing knowledge and practices that can support collective responses to current socio-ecological crises. Specifically, this report seeks to understand: what inner capacities do change agents in the emerging ecosystem need to develop so that the ecosystem becomes more powerful and better able to contribute to life-serving socio-ecological transformation?

We conducted semi-structured interviews with 12 individuals working within the ecosystem. In this report, we synthesise insights from across the interviews.

Access the full report here: https://lifeitself.org/blog/emergent-power-report-2024