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Boards & Assembly

The Institute is steered by a governance board, an international advisory board, and the general assembly.

 The governance board is constituted by a maximum of seven full members if the Institute. They are meeting frequently to manage the day-to-day business of the Institute. They are elected or re-elected for a two year term by the general assembly. The current governance board is composed by:

Elke Fein, Dr., University of Freiburg, Germany (Managing Director)

Iris Kunze, Dr., University of Life Sciences, Center for Global Change, Vienna, Austria 

Markus Molz, Dr., Alliance for the Future, Luxembourg


The international advisory board oversees the scientific quality of the activities of the Institute. Its members provide feedback and support based on their leading-edge expertise in integral studies. They are contributing to the developmenent of the institute according to emerging requirements. The current members of the scientific board are:

Wilfried Belschner, Dr., Prof. emeritus, University of Oldenburg, Germany 

Hans-Christoph Binswanger, Dr., Professor emeritus, University of Sankt Gallen, Switzerland 

Mark Edwards, PhD, Professor, International Business School, Jönköping, Sweden

Traugott Elsässer, Prof., Pädagogische Hochschule Sankt Gallen 

Claus Eurich, Prof. Dr., University of Dortmund Germany

Jennifer Gidley, PhD, Research Fellow, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, as well President of the World Futures Studies Federation

Linda Groff, Dr., Professor, University of California (UCLA), Director, Global Options & Evolutionary Futures Consulting

Wendelin Küpers, Dr., Professor, Karlshochschule, Karlsruhe

Jonathan Reams, PhD, Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway and Editor-in-Chief of Integral Review 

Helmut Reich, Dr. Dr. PhD, Professor emeritus, Senior Research Fellow emeritus, Fribourg University, Switzerland  

Alec Schaerer, Dr., University of Basel, Switzerland  

Harald Walach, Dr., Prof., University of Frankfort (Oder), Germany


The general assembly takes place once a year under normal conditions. It is constituted by all members of the Institute regardless their membership type. Only full members, however, have the right to vote on formal decisions.The general assemblies are generally linked to an academic event (presentations, workshop …) focusing on a specific topic.


Next IFIS Online Colloquium: December 11, 2019. More info here.

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Tagesworkshop zu Theorie U in Freiburg am 19.10.2019


IFIS has been awarded funding for its Strategic Partnership Leadership for Transition (LiFT) 3.0 - Politics (Erasmus+).


IFIS-Newsletter Nr. 8 (2018/19) ist erschienen, download hier.

IFIS' Newsletter N° 8 (2018/19 - English version) is now available, download here.



IFIS-Newsletter Nr. 7 (2017/18) ist erschienen, download hier.

IFIS' Newsletter N° 7 (2017/18 - English version) is now available, download here.


IFIS goes Facebook


IFIS-Newsletter Nr. 6 (Frühjahr 2016) ist erschienen, download hier


"Learning Transition/La transition s'apprend", LiFT-Workshop Luxemburg, 18.-20.11.2015


Fortsetzung LiFT-Projekts als Strategische Partnerschaft bewilligt! Mehr hier.


IFIS-Newsletter Nr. 5 (Frühjahr 2015), download hier


IFIS-Herbstklausur 2014 "Integrale Konfliktlösung", 28.-30.11.2014, CH-Bassecourt


"The future of organization(s)", LiFT workshop Vienna (Austria), November 21-22, 2014. Read report


"Why School?" A visioning workshop about the future of education. LiFT Workshop Stockholm (Sweden), August 22-24, 2014

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Infos zur Diskussion über den ESM 

Börsen-Experte Dirk Müller zum ESM

Interview mit Wolfgang Hetzer zur Finanz- und Schuldenkrise

Benzin aus Sand. Interview mit Dr. Peter Plichta

IFIS-Newsletter Nr. 3 (Januar 2012), Download hier als PDF.


31.5.-2.6.2013: Symposium "Adult Development Research meets Social Sciences – Applications in various disciplines", gemeinsam mit der ESRAD, CfP und weitere Informationen hier


27.-30.9.2012: IFIS-Herbstklausur zum Thema: "Wissenschaft 3.0 - integrales Metakognitionstraining", Saig/Schwarzwald
Information und Anmeldung hier

 3.-6.5.2012: "Integral ecology and ways of sustainable living", Seminar im Rahmen einer Grundtvig-Lernpartnerschaft (Freiburg)


20.-22.4.2012: Arbeitstreffen Methodenentwicklung integrale Hochschulbildung (intern)


IFIS-Herbstklausur 18.-20.11.2011

Symposium Wissenschaftliches Forschen

7.-8.10.2011, Kassel (gemeinsam mit dem Deutschen Kollegium für Transpersonale Psychologie und Psychotherapie, DKTP )


11.-16. Juni 2011
6 Tage integrale Forschung und Begegnung im Südschwarzwald


"Wirtschaft ohne Wachstum?!" Vorlesungsreihe des Studium Generale, Universität Freiburg im SS 2011

IFIS-Februar-Klausur 2011
mit integralem Forschungskolloquium
Freiburg-Schauinsland, 18.-20.2.2011

IFIS-Newsletter Nr. 2

(Dezember 2010)
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IFIS-Mitarbeiter erhält Kapp-Forschungspreis für Ökologische Ökonomie

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Lernen aus der Krise.
Auf dem Weg zu einer Verfassung des Kapitalismus. Mehr unter:



Nr. 1 (Dezember 2009)
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