POP international - Mini Summit: Exchange Space & integral politics Think Tank

Zoom Conference

Since we have announce our

Pioneers of Politics international Mini Summit  

from February 27-March 5, 2022

the world has changed - and integral perspectives on politics are needed more than ever before.

In the face of the war that Russia's president Vladimir Putin has launched against Ukraine, we are offering an open space

Exchange Space & integral politics Think Tank

for sharing, interbeing and reflection about what is currently going on.

With the help of integral insights and methods, we also invite you, our listeners, into co-creating ideas and avenues for addressing the current crisis based on an integral/metamodern/transformative perspective.

Building up on the work that is shared by our pioneers of integral politics during the Pioneers of Politics international Mini Summit, we hope to generate novel ideas together as to how a new paradigm, integral politics could respond to the given challenges.

The Exchange Space & integral politics Think Tank will be hosted every evening, after the latest POP international video premiere, from 21h - 22h CET as a Zoom meeting.

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Meeting-ID: 829 5549 1691
Passcode: 409537