28. April 2009

The Institute for Integral Studies (IFIS) catalyzes the recognition and further development of integral and likeminded approaches in academic research, higher education and research-based practice. IFIS is focusing on the connections between

i) the existing disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields of academic study,

ii) fields neglected or dismissed by academic research,

iii) the development of integral (meta‑) studies,

iv)  real-life challenges in our age of global crises, and

v) research into desirable futures and the conditions to bring them about.

Based on values and principles inspiring a broad, pluralistic, dialogical, critical, self-reflective and dynamic understanding and practice of integral studies IFIS is deploying a series of activities, among them research and development projects, academic events, high-level publications and consulting services. The shared commitment of the members of the Institute is to develop, share and help to make use of knowledge and wisdom of a new, integral quality with the sole purpose to contribute to the common good and to the well-being and sustainable development of the greatest number of sentient beings and their sociocultural and natural habitats.

IFIS as a non-profit organisation allows likeminded and interested individuals and organisations to connect in many ways, from occasional to committed, from informal to formal, from online to face-to-face, from informational to transformational. Most of its active members are affiliated with a higher education or research institution and generally have a background in integral studies for many years. This unique community of research and learning is committed to quality processes and the results achieved comply with and go beyond common scientific standards.

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