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Colloquium N° 44: Uncertainment Lab: OR “The times are urgent; let's slow down.”

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Lisa Norton
Professor of Design Leadership, School of Design Strategies, The New School, Parsons


“The times are urgent; let us slow down.”

We are living through an inflection point. A time that has been called a “time
between worlds.” (Stein)

Since March of 2020, Uncertainty Lab has been a self-organized, virtual pilot with no agenda other than acknowledging, witnessing and staying curious about our uncertainties. Is it meta-cognitive? Yes, but if we say it this way, the mind tends to go into logical search mode, orienting toward certainty and closure.

If liminal times require non-linear and resilient ways of being, how might collective practices of ‘uncertainment’ help us build capacity to participate with ambiguity?
We’re flipping the script on our usual ways of being, and asking how might we orient toward uncertainty in a curious, friendly way?
Practices of ‘uncertainment’ invite us to abide together in the generative tension of ambiguity without collapsing into shallow consensus or expert stances.

Prof. Lisa Norton